Two rules for making your idea successful

Updated on Oct. 10, 2017 | 185 |   general,

How often do we think about the big ideas but get ourselves overwhelmed by the thought of failure? For me, it had been in a noticeable frequent while I was a teenager. I used to think of my own Social Network at night but in the morning, I ended up saying “okay, it’s impossible”. It took me a while to realize that the ideas are always bigger but it must start with baby steps. In technology, the discipline and code of conduct of this baby step practices are followed aesthetically. For example, you have the big idea of creating a website which will serve millions of users every month and you’re a newbie in tech who has just started learning about stuff. Will you directly jump into your big idea and wait for the biggest launch ever? I dislike saying that 99.99% times you won’t make it for sure. 

The ideas aren’t just useful ideas until they are researched, evaluated and validated properly. Also, the strategy to achieve your goals must be decided and iterated based on needs. I have started YGenCoder just a few weeks ago. I like to teach people, for which I was always itching for creating a platform where it can facilitate me to teach people globally about what I know. The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that I made for the website was mere with 1 or 2 features initially but currently, it has more than 5 features and more features upcoming. It is a continuous process. I might not be successful financially in the end but I am attaining my peace of mind by doing this as I can see that this project is getting matured every day. 

Never ever give up on your idea

If you’re alone and having a few resources, never ever give up on your idea. But for a while, resist your temptation of achieving things quickly. A product isn’t built in a day. It takes months or even years sometimes with hundreds of sprints. Divide the entire product into many smaller portions and start with the MVP portion of your product. If you want to build the entire product and launch it, you might end up frustrating yourself as the long-time waiting may create unrest in you. Also, it is not a good practice. Plan for releasing the MVP with the core features and gain some motivation by having clients of your product. You can then continuously keep building more features and release them sequentially. 

Your idea is your kid

It may sound a bit weird but trust me, your idea is your kid. You must love your idea the way you love your kids. You might ask, why am I comparing your ideas with the kids? I have a logical explanation for this. The life of a tech product is almost similar to a human’s life. It has childhood and adulthood. If a couple is having a baby what the first thing they would probably do? Simple, it’s the planning for the kid. Sometimes, they even plan before the child is born. Your product needs planning and strategy on how you will approach. On different stages, you must have different strategies to adjust things.

Author: S M Ohidul Alam