Importance of data and choosing the right segment of the audience

Updated on Oct. 18, 2017 | 320 |   general,

Data play a big role in building businesses. Recently, I had a personal experience which I would like to share here. 

The idea was about picking a target audience and a random segment of the audience. I've been recently making tech video tutorials where I was creating tutorials on different niches. For the promotional purpose of these videos, I've been into different facebook groups and posting almost regularly (kinda spamming). But the insight I've gained is truly fruitful for me.

First thing, that I learned is facebook doesn't like you when you promote things on its platform for FREE! Which is kinda hypocrisy and dictatorial behavior. 

Second thing, reaching the right segment of the audience is necessary. While I was promoting the tutorial series of Technical and Non-Technical Misconceptions in Programming in random tech groups without targeting any specific segment of the audience, people have shown fewer responses. Then I had to play my second experiment which was about choosing the right niche. I have been creating a tutorial series on Python Automation. From this series, I posted the videos in only the groups related to Python. Guess what, the responses I got by posting into a fewer group were beyond my expectation. I got 4-5x times views on these videos and the subscriber number also got increased by a higher rate.

Thirdly, Data are expensive and forms of digital currency. Currently, I am observing the public data (such as audience from geo, favorite course, favorite videos, bounce rate from a page etc.) that are being collected from my site which I will use to better optimize the site. 

Finally, in conclusion, I would like to add a few words. If you have a business and you want to make it successful in the long run, never underestimate the power of the data that you gain by observing your audience/customers.