How Git & Github saved my A**

Updated on Oct. 8, 2017 | 168 |   general,

Today morning, I suddenly figured out that one of the admin forms is not working in the personal project I am currently working on. I tried again and again for having a solution. I thought it was due to sqlite DB locked status. Then I tried shipping into MySQL but no result was gained. After a while, I figured out that I am completely messed up with the source code trying this and that. Luckily, I have been regularly committing all the changes into Git and Github which was helping me to go back to the last commit. There were situations I completely deleted migration folders and other important files which is something one rarely dares to do. 

It was heartbreaking while not finding the solutions. Later I was dumbfounded and asked myself “Why don’t I checkout every commit into the log and keep looking for the last commit which was correctly working with the admin form?” Sh*t! I just have wasted these whole lot of minutes in finding this! I felt disgusted but was charmed as I figured out what was going on with the form. I found the last commit which was working good and then I did check the differences between last two commits, from which, one was working, another wasn’t (git command: git diff <working commit id> <not working commit id>). Shockingly, I discovered that I had done a silly mistake of missing indention and not returning a value in the form saving function! Good that I found this but the better that I just have used git diff for the first time to make a correction for a mistake which was life threatening to me! 

Some lessons which I have learned from this mistake!

  1. Do commit small changes always! It might be daunting but lifesaving!
  2. Use git diff for checking bugs into previous commits and save thousands of your valuable minutes!
  3. Spend a bit time of yours in checking out the features provided by Git. 

Life is awesome with Git. Hail, Git!